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   Custom Patterns   


Alberta Tinting & Graphic Services can custom-design a patterned window film to make your Calgary office unique. With a wide variety of materials, colours, and textures, the possibilities are infinite.


What is a patterned window film?

A patterned window film is a frosted film on which a pattern or design has been cut out of the film or printed on it. It is an affordable alternative to net curtains, blinds or patterned glass. It can be easily applied to your existing windows or doors.

At Alberta Tinting & Graphic Services, we supply a wide range of patterned window film in Calgary which will suit most interiors.


Benefits of Patterned Window Film


  • Increases Privacy: Patterned or frosted window film is in demand for offices because of its ability to distort or blur things. This ensures privacy while not compromising the light coming in to the room.
  • Helps in Energy Conservation:  Frosted glass helps in reducing the sun’s glare, filter the light throughout the day and keep the cold out during the winter. This helps in keeping the indoor temperature consistent in both summers and winters which in turns helps in conserving energy.
  • Very easy to clean: Patterned window films can be wiped clean with a cloth easily.

Our design team works closely with you when designing your custom-cut pattern to ensure it is unique and exactly what you want. Before any job is complete, a concept is provided to ensure the custom design is exactly what you had in mind. Contact us to discuss your ideas today.

Other types of window films that we provide are residential solar, commercial security and fasara glass finishes.
Get in touch with us if you are looking for window films in Calgary or want to know more about our services.

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